Welcome to Terra, a world comprised of war torn kingdoms and magical wonders. Our story takes place in the kingdom of Serita, after it ended its war with the two other kingdoms, Erillan and Dwogan, in what is known as the Hundred Year War, and is facing economic problems and political strife. Adding to its problems is the recent death of the king, whose heir is only an infant. This meant his guardian would actually reign in his stead as King. The Queen's elder brother Aidsung was designated as guardian, but fearing an oppressive reign from the Queen, the parliament ousted the potential prince. Appointing instead the King's cousin, princess Olivia, and Prince Ravenwell as the guardian. Prince Ravenwell and Prince Aidsung are both respected generals who proved themselves in the Hundred Year War. Prince Ravenwell has the support of the powerful Nobles, but disenfranchised Nobles and knights clearly support Prince Aidsung. The Black Dragon symbolizes Prince Ravenwell and the White Dragon symbolizes Prince Aidsung. A regent is needed to rule in place of the prince, or the Princess to take the throne, but the kingdom is split between Princess Olivia and Duke Aidsung. The conflict leads to what will later be known as the War of the Dragons.


This is where your story begins; The year is 1254, you Cadets have been training to attain Knighthood, a high rank in society and along with it comes a fief. While you are the descendants of nobles you have not yet proven yourselves to society as true noblemen. Be it for fame, fortune, social status, or a more personal cause you have spent the last five years in training. Expecting the war to never end, the last year of your training came to a surprise when the impossible occurred. Now your ceremony is due and you must prepare your best garbs for such a monumental occasion. In less than one day you will be a knight, and in two months time you will be rewarded your fief and a good sum of gold.

The Hundred Year War

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