Character Creation

First and foremost, thank you for choosing to join this campaign, it has taken me too many days out of my life just to get this world set up for as much fun as possible while giving lore and hopefully compelling challenges for everyone to enjoy.

In this campaign you are nobles training to become knights. You have been promised a large sum of gold and your own fief, a plot of land acquired through the war efforts. You have been training for several years and the war had ended one year ago. You are reassured that you will receive your commendations when you have served your first session as Knights.

In this campaign not all classes are immediately available to you, as the Military Academy doesn't expand much beyond the basics. Only Core Classes are currently available, as you adventure forth, encounter new entities, or stumble across it in your studies more classes will become readily available to your disposal.

But for now, all you have are the Core Classes and races.

A must for all characters is a date of birth. This assigns them a Zodiac sign and the ability to choose a powerful trait based on this. Two traits and a drawback will be assigned before a character's first session of game actually begins.

Links are provided for anyone who does not have a core rulebook.



Barbarian: Have you taken the path of the Barbarian? A master of the only emotion that truly matters in war; Rage. Excelling in combat with brute strength that defies the laws of reality even to the point of taking out magic, it's polar opposite. The Seritain army trains Barbarians to harness these emotions that most can muster up and turn them into the fine tools for war.

Bard: Have you taken the path of the Bard? Masters in persuasion, manipulation, and inspiration. While most people focus on using their skills and powers to kill their enemies directly Bards focus more socially. They use their skills and prowess to twist and turn battles to their whims. Serita employs these few to take their skills and turn them to a better use to aid their fellow man on the battle field.

Cleric: Have you taken the path of the Cleric? If so do you follow the Zodiacs, Saint Ajora, or maybe your ancestors, or even the spirits that once inhabited these lands? Many in times of dread and fright turn to faith for guidance, others become emissaries of divine entities such as these.  There isn't many things Serita allows to roam free, and religion is one of them. Many believe it's because it defies the will of the Church of Glabados. Others believe the war to have driven out any other religion,   much like the many spirits, with how brutal and terrible it was. The Seritian army boasts heavily with the Church of Glabados, but welcome any.

Druid: Have you taken the path of the Druid? Attuned with the purity of elements, and the orders of the wild. Druids are allies of beasts and masters of nature, using their abilities to create earthquakes volcanoes and even thunderstorms to control the battleground and shift the winds to their allies. The Seritian army has gone to great lengths to convince Druids to join them, a common reason being the promise to give back the land to the wild.

Fighter: Have you taken the path of the Fighter? While many focus on one specific weapon the Fighter reveal the true deadliness of their weapons, turning hunks of metal into arms capable of taming kingdoms, slaughtering monsters, and rousing the hearts of armies. While they are the most common to be found, one should never underestimate the true abilities a Fighter wields. 

Monk: Have you taken the path of the Monk? While many turn to magic and blades to dispose of their enemies some turn to ancient philosophies and strict martial disciplines. These people excel at using their own bodies as weapons of war, inflicting just as devastating results as a fireball or a well placed arrow. Monks in Serita did not often take part in the war, but it became necessary when Serita was invaded. Following closely to the laws of the world as a whole instead of just their own heart.

Paladin: Have you taken the path of the Paladin? Similar to the Clerics, but with a more direct approach. These noble souls dedicate their swords and lives to the battle against evil, many of which fought and died in the Hundred Year War. Paladins serve as guiding lights in times of darkness, using magic and martial skills make them well suited both on and off the field of combat. Serita employed a heavy supply of Paladins that lead the charge in the Hundred Year War.

Ranger: Have you taken the path of the Ranger? Absolute masters of tracking their target, Rangers are the pinnacle of archers and scouts for no one is better trained for survival than a Ranger. While many strive for waging wars and crusades, the Rangers are more patient and cunning, able to live off the land and take down some of the most fearsome games, be it a terrifying beast, a magical construct, or a fellow man. Serita trains many Rangers for their versatility and ability to adapt to the lands they walk, especially with the vast landscape that Serita covers.

Rogue: Have you taken the path of the Rogue? No one excels at stealth and quick battles than the Rogue. Agile, skillful, and charming, Rogues function with the utmost elegance in combat and social standings. Serita does not claim to train such horrible natures to their soldiers, but war is a powerful motivator, and Rogues are the perfect candidates for getting what they want without anyone knowing.

Sorcerer: Have you taken the path of the Sorcerer? Powerful forces of the fabric of magic lay inherent in the blood of some and those who can call upon it are known as Sorcerers. Their unique ability to call upon arcane forces and unleash a torrent of pure destruction is almost the foundation of wars, for no simple soldier can withstand the nightmares that lay in the fingertips of these battle mages. Serita trained many to be Sorcerers for their absolute control over the arcane forces. 

Wizard: Have you taken the path of the Wizard?  Arcane secrets, magical formulas, and even legends of entities from other worlds fall within some of the Wizard's repertoire. Master's of the Arcane mysteries, the Wizard controls the flow of battle with their specialties. Unlike their fellow Arcane brethren, Wizards do not muster their powers through the very blood they are born with, but instead use complex rituals and objects, along with their bond to the arcane energies, to call upon powerful spells. Serita tries very hard to train as many Wizards as possible, but they are few and far between.

Character Creation

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