The Zodiacs

In Serita there is but only one true religion and it is that of the Zodiacs. While there are many who worship the ancestors or the spirits, only the Zodiacs are an established religion in Serita.

In ancient times, before Serita was a united kingdom the land was divided between seven kingdoms: Zeltennia, Fovoham, Lionel, Limberry, Lesalia, Gallionne, and Mullonde. Each of the seven kingdoms wished to expand their territory, and were locked in an endless battle.The bloodshed was said to have been so great that it seeped down into the earth and awoken demons to surface and reign chaos throughout the seven territories. However, 12 brave knights appeared, from around the world to challenge these demons and vanquish them back to the nether they came from. However, they could not kill the demons as the continued to come back stronger than before. Then, Ajora Glabados, a child who was capable of miracles granted each warrior a stone with a symbol carved into each one. With the power of the stones, the "Zodiac Warriors" fought against the demons with Saint Ajora leading the assault. Valiantly, they drove the demons back to the netherworld and returned peace to the land.

Unfortunately they had suffered one casualty in their crusade, Saint Ajora perished. Witnesses to this great battle started the Church of Glabados to honor the twelve Zodiac Warriors and Saint Ajora. The Zodiac symbols can be seen in the night sky during their said month, but every nineteen years after the Sagittarius comes an oddity happens, a thirteenth month with no Zodiac in the sky. Many believe this month to represent the fallen, Saint Ajora. The Church has dubbed this month Adar, and the year as a Lunisolar. 

It is said that this act by the Zodiac Warriors is what inspired King Warnerus of Mullonde to amass an army and unite the seven kingdoms under one banner naming the newly united kingdom Serita.

The Zodiacs

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